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Yoga Education For Children
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Do you want your kids to be a certified young yogi?
Let your child be a yogic prodigy: Unlock their potential with our certification course
100+ Hours Training
Lifetime Teacher Support
Certificate of Completion
Quizzes & Challenges
Manual book
Access to Regular Updates
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6 yrs to 18 yrs
Class Start Date:
1 Aug 2024
Course Duration:
12 months
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YEC (Yoga Education for Children) has been introduced with the intention that students study yoga as a subject at an early age.
  • Early age yogic practice in children improves stamina, increases strength and flexibility. It enhances creativity, promotes self-esteem and confidence.
  • It also brings improvement in adaptability, learning, focus, discipline, and sharing habits.
Why Join YEC?
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A renowned and qualified yoga teacher (RYT 500) based in Bengaluru (India) with 15+ years of experience in teaching Traditional Yoga forms. She offers virtual and in person classes, conducts tailored yoga classes for all age groups. Passionate about sharing the true essence of yoga, Radhika has a diverse clientele from across India and around the globe. Her mission is to make a significant impact in the yoga industry for the betterment of humanity. As a health educator and motivational speaker, Radhika has helped numerous individuals overcome chronic health issues naturally.
With a strong desire to serve to help people, Radhika aims to play a key role in the yoga industry, facilitating positive transformation and empowerment of individuals through her teachings
Meet Our TrainerRadhika Bargava
What’s Inside The CourseCourse curriculum overview
Current Issues Faced By ChildrenChildren today face several challenges that impact their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Here are some current issues:
Lack of Focus
  • Digital Distractions
  • Overstimulation
  • Multitasking
Increased Screen Time
  • Reduced Physical Activity
  • Sleep Disruption
  • Eye Strain
Poor Diet and Junk Food Consumption
  • Health Issues
  • Nutritional Deficiency
  • Behavioral Problems
Decreased Physical Activity
  • Obesity
  • Weaker Muscles and Bones
  • Impact on Mental Health
Success StoryOur online yoga student from Oman has won 2nd place in the national level yoga competition amongst 250+ participants. She has shown incredible dedication and skill in her practice, and we are so proud of her achievement.
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Our Yogis SayHear what our community has to say about their transformative experiences with us.
Deepa  testimonial
Radhika is a great yoga teacher. My kids attend Trimuk yoga classes regularly and have improved a lot in flexibility and asanas. She's patient, tailors teaching to each student's pace, and motivates them with challenges. Kids love her classes. Thanks, Radhika!
Shalini  testimonial
Son doing yoga for 4 yrs at Trimuk. Amazing progress, thanks to Radhika's guidance. Yoga boosts concentration, flexibility, sports performance. Radhika fosters friendship among kids. Yoga fusion dances performed. Starting yoga was a great decision.
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