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About usExploring Trimuk Yoga: Unveiling its Core Principles
At Trimuk Yoga, we mix old and new ways to help you feel better all around. We offer different yoga classes, workshops, and diets just for you. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, new to yoga, or a pro - everyone is welcome. Our teachers know their stuff and will help you learn in a friendly way. Our goal is to help you find peace and feel good through yoga and meditation.
  • We blend old and new ways to make you feel good.
  • We have yoga classes, workshops, and personalised diets.
  • Everyone is welcome, no matter your age or experience level.
  • Our teachers are friendly and know what they're doing.
  • We want to help you feel peaceful and good through yoga and meditation.
Our ServicesEnhance your Yoga experience with our array of programs customized to ful fill your needs and goals
Hey I am RadhikaYour expert yoga guide, Radhika, shines as a beacon of wisdom and compassion in the world of yoga, boasting years of experience and a profound understanding of the practice. She effortlessly combines her passion for yoga with her career on the mat. Join her on a transformative journey where she nurtures growth, self-discovery, and inner peace with grace and expertise.
ExperienceExperience excellence with our top-rated yoga offerings.
Eventsdeepen your practice, connect with our community, anytime, anywhere
ParticipantsJoin our vibrant community of yoga enthusiasts today.
Our Yogis SayHear what our community has to say about their transformative experiences with us.
Priyanka testimonial
Radhika's prenatal and postnatal yoga, coupled with her nurturing guidance, transformed my pregnancy and postpartum experience.
Mythili testimonial
Radhika's yoga boosts flexibility, strength, discipline. Special Saturday sessions, including eye, face yoga, nidra, offer holistic, meditative experience. Asana flow is delightful, sessions are invigorating, calming, and true to yoga.
Frequently Asked QuestionsEverything you need to know about the Trimuk Yoga.

To join our yoga classes, visit our website www.trimukyoga.com, choose your preferred class schedule, and complete the registration process online. You can also call us at 80732 15168 for more details.

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Start Your Yoga Journey Today!Join our inclusive community and experience the transformative power of yoga. Explore our classes and embrace wellness