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About usYour Journey To Holistic Wellness Begins Here!
Established in 2019, Trimuk Yoga was conceived by Radhika Bargava with the audacious goal of delivering a profoundly healing yoga experience. Motivated by intense devotion and enthusiasm, and believing that yoga is about more than simply physical health, Radhika set out to establish a studio as a safe haven where people could enhance their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. With the belief that yoga is an integral part of one's lifestyle, Trimuk Studio offers a comprehensive selection of courses and workshops tailored to cater the unique needs of the yoga practitioners. With years of experience Radhika leads the team of compassionate instructors through soft Hatha yoga poses and flowing Vinyasa sequences. Fostering connections and creating a support system through the workshops is what makes Trimuk Yoga unique.
Trimuk Yoga is a sanctuary for holistic wellness and personal growth!!!
    Ready To Begin Your Yoga Journey?Discover the path to wellness and inner journey with our expert guidance and personalized classes
    MissionOur mission is to empower holistic wellness, with a specialized focus on Prenatal Yoga
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    A renowned and qualified yoga teacher (RYT 500) based in Bengaluru (India) with 15+ years of experience in teaching Traditional Yoga forms. She offers virtual and in person classes, conducts tailored yoga classes for all age groups. Passionate about sharing the true essence of yoga, Radhika has a diverse clientele from across India and around the globe. Her mission is to make a significant impact in the yoga industry for the betterment of humanity. As a health educator and motivational speaker, Radhika has helped numerous individuals overcome chronic health issues naturally.
    With a strong desire to serve to help people, Radhika aims to play a key role in the yoga industry, facilitating positive transformation and empowerment of individuals through her teachings
    Meet Our TrainerRadhika Bargava
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    What We Do Discover our expansive range of wellness experiences and programs
    Yoga ClassesExplore the diverse range of classes that enhance holistic well-being through a unique blend of asanas, meditation, and pranayama.
    CertificationExplore the diverse range of classes that enhance holistic well-being through a unique blend of asanas, meditation, and pranayama.
    WorkshopExpand your knowledge and deepen your practice with our diverse range of workshops covering various yoga principles and specialized techniques.
    Mother HoodEmbrace the journey of motherhood with classes nurturing body and mind through yoga and meditation practices tailored for all stages.
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    Start Your Yoga Journey Today!Join our inclusive community and experience the transformative power of yoga. Explore our classes and embrace wellness